Friday, July 14, 2017

To Use A Ductless Air Conditioner Or Not?

So, you’re looking for a quiet and easy cooling solution for your home or office. Have you considered a ductless air conditioner? A ductless air conditioner is a simple unit mounted to your wall that is combined with an outside compressor. Their small size and easy installation makes them ideal for newly added rooms or where window units cannot typically fit.

As with any HVAC service, there are always your major pros and cons. Here, your friends at Action Cooling in Heating of Fort Meyers Florida explain below.

Biggest Pro
With the constant concern about climates and our carbon footprint, ductless air conditioners are your solution. As the average home loses twenty-five percent of more of their energy due to ductwork, going ductless is the best route to combat this. Ductless systems have internal compressors that vary their performance based on the needs of your home. This makes them the more efficient option for your home.

Biggest Con
The biggest drawback to ductless air conditioners is their cost. To control the climate for a single room, you’re looking at several times the amount typically spent on a window or baseboard unit. To completely replace your existing central HVAC with ductless units, which some people have considered, would mean spending two to three times more in energy costs.

If you’re considering going ductless, be sure to contact a reputable HVAC technician to help you find the solution that is right for your home.

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