Thursday, June 22, 2017

Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Hurricane Season

As of June 1, the United States had officially entered into hurricane season. Now, through November 30, the coastal portions of the country are on the lookout for severe weather patterns. States like Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey and of course Florida are all too familiar with the damage that a hurricane can cause. Having experienced over 13 hurricane seasons, Action Cooling & Heating Fort Meyers has helped thousands of people in the community prepare for hurricane season. In an effort to ensure your safety and the security of your home, Action Cooling & Heating shares a few tips on how to handle your HVAC for hurricane season.

Before Hurricane:

Replacing or repairing HVACs can tend to be expensive. General preventative maintenance is important in the care of your HVAC. It is especially important during hurricane season. At the beginning of the season, be sure to change your air filters, check for leaks, and correct any possible air flow issues. Additionally, you will want to correct any drainage issues that could be near your home. These problems will only worsen throughout the season. Thoroughly inspect your outside unit for any debris and remove it. Finally, cover your HVAC unit with a tarp, preferably nylon or vinyl and secure it to prevent debris from getting in.

After Hurricane:

Once the storm has passed, you should have a check list for HVAC maintenance that needs to be completed. You’ll want to ensure that every aspect of your unit is in working order. You may need to re-set some settings, but for larger issues, call a professional.
In the event of a hurricane, or just for regular HVAC maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Action Cooling & Heating to help you.

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